The benefits of the Mandala Atma Gayatri Vratham:

Elimination of Negative Actions, Fear, and Chaos: This meditation is believed to have the power to remove negative karmic imprints and actions. It can help individuals overcome fear and chaos in their lives, fostering a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Promotion of Family Harmony: When chanted as a family, the Atma Gayatri meditation is said to create a harmonious atmosphere within the household. It encourages family members to come together and practice spirituality collectively, promoting love and understanding.

Amplifying Spiritual Growth: The mantra used in this meditation combines the universal forces and the divine energy of Siva Shakti. Regular practice is believed to aid in spiritual growth and inner strength. It can help individuals deepen their connection with their higher self and the spiritual realm.

Purification of Body and Mind: The act of chanting the mantra while sprinkling water is symbolic of purification. It is thought to cleanse the body and mind, removing impurities and negative influences. This can result in a clearer and more tranquil state of mind.

Awakening of the Soul: The meditation is said to awaken the soul from the illusions and distractions of the material world. This awakening can lead to a profound self-realization and an understanding of one's true nature, bringing a sense of inner peace and purpose.

Cultivation of Virtues: As negative influences dissipate, positive virtues are believed to increase. The inner light of knowledge and understanding shines brighter, fostering happiness, contentment, and a sense of fulfillment.

Grace from Divine Beings: Chanting the Atma Gayatri mantra is thought to attract the love and grace of 12 divine beings. This divine grace can fulfill the spiritual and inner needs of individuals, guiding them on their spiritual journey.

Extended Life and Enhanced Health: Engaging in the Mandala meditation, especially during a specific period (as mentioned on 30.12.2023), is believed to extend one's life and enhance overall health. It is considered an opportunity for personal growth and well-being.

To obtain the Atma Gayatri text and avail of the associated benefits, individuals are encouraged to contact the provided numbers and register their attendance at a Guru Pooja event. The meditation and associated practices are believed to contribute to a more fulfilling and spiritually enriched life.

9597265147, 9840968377, 9611566088, 9789032199

Priority will be given to those who call first.

The Aatma Gayatri Nombu (Aatma Gayatri Vratham) kit that you will receive includes the following items:


1.      The idol or image of Sage Agathiyar and the Aatma Gayatri Mantra associated with him.

2.      Copper Gayatri Ring.

3.      Aatma Gayatri Nombu Thread ( Red)

4.      Kashi Kalabhairavar Kappu Thread ( Yellow)

5.      Energized Abhishekam Kumkumam.


In the powerful spiritual centers like Kanchi Kamakshi, Madurai Meenakshi, Kashi Vishalakshi, Nagapattinam Neelayathakshi, and Thiruvarur Kamalayathakshi, special rituals are performed, and the energized kumkum will be part of the kit.

(Mix the kumkum received in the kit with the kumkum you have at home)


How many days should the Aatma Gayatri Vratham be observed?

The Aatma Gayatri Nombu (Aatma Gayatri Vratham) begins on November 13, 2023, and concludes on December 30, 2023. Participants can start the vratham on any day within these two dates, but it must conclude by December 30, 2023.


The longer the duration of the vratham, the greater the benefits for those who observe it. The period between November 13, 2023, and December 30, 2023, allows for a maximum of 48 days for those who want to perform it for an extended period. This means one can start the vratham on any day between these two dates and observe it for as many days as desired, up to a maximum of 48 days, but it must conclude by December 30, 2023.

Participating in this vratham with dedication and devotion is believed to bring great spiritual and divine benefits




Here are the guidelines for observing the Aatma Gayatri Nombu (Aatma Gayatri Vratham):

The Aatma Gayatri Nombu (Aatma Gayatri Vratham) ritual starts with three families, which include your family and other close ones like relatives, friends, or neighbors. Everyone should come together and head to a nearby Ganesh temple.


To begin the Aatma Gayatri Nombu ritual, gather all the items from your kit and lay them in white cloth in front of  Lord Ganesh's idol. Stand before Lord Ganesh's idol by holding water in hand. Offer your prayers with deep devotion, by chanting "Om Adi Moola Ganapathiye Potri," and pour the water onto the ground, repeating this act three times. Since the Atma Gayatri mantra is centered around the period(Time/Kalam), play the Kalabhairava praise song on the Anpalaya YouTube page for everyone to hear.


Afterward, Light two oil lamps, facing each other by connecting their wicks. This way, you'll have one single flame. Then, tie the Yellow-colored thread of Kalabhairava in your right hand. Then, take the Aatma Gayatri Red-colored thread, tie a single knot, and place it in a clean plate. Next to the thread, place a picture of Maharishi Agathiyar and the Gayatri Ring. Ask everyone present to pray with faith and offer flowers. After offering flowers, use the ring finger of your right hand to take the blessed Kungumam and apply it to the Gayatri Ring. Finally, wear the Ring on the ring finger of your left hand.

Then place the energized Kungumam with your ring finger between your eyebrows. Continue listening to the Kalabhairava mantra on the Anbaayam YouTube channel until the entire ritual is completed.

Now take a mud pot, fill it with water, and keep the pot on a white clean cloth. Face the Ganesh idol and sit in front of Lord Ganesa, everyone should close their eyes, keep their attention on the top of their head and recite the Aatma Gayatri Mantra 27 times, making sure to do it in unison. (If all families recite together, the benefits will be greater. If several families join together and chant, it will yield immense benefits).

Afterwards, One person chants "Om Sri Kaliki Avathara Agathiyar Maharishiye Potri" or "Om Sri Kaliki Akathisaaya Namo Namah", and others follow. Do it 3 rounds.  By this way, Kalki Bhagavan Akathiyar Maharishi stays there and protects all the souls who chanted the mantra. 

Furthermore, offer the blessed water infused with the empowered mantra to the friends and family who participated in the Aatma Gayatri Nombu as prasadam. Safely keep your Aatma Gayatri fasting rope for future use, as it holds the divine energy you've invoked during the ritual.

(Note: Individuals who are unable to visit the temple can perform the aforementioned steps by placing a turmeric Ganesha at home.)


Continuing the daily practice of the Aathma Gayathri Vratham (spiritual ritual) from the second day onwards, follow these steps:


Start by lighting two oil lamps. Join them together to form a single flame.

Place an image or statue of Sage Agathiyar (Agaththiyar) in the puja room. Hold water in your right hand and recite the mantra, "Om Sri Kaliki Avathara Agathiyar Maharishigal Poruthi" or "Om Sri Kaliki Agaththīcāya Namo Namaha." Then pour the water on the ground.

Repeat this process three times. Afterward, tie a knot in the Aatma Gayatri Red-colored thread and place it near the picture of sage Agathiyar.

Continuing the ritual, use your right-hand ring finger to take the empowered Kumkumam and apply it to the Ring you are wearing, and then place it on your forehead.

As a next step, fill the mud pot with water and wrap it in a clean white cloth. While facing the image of Sage Agathiyar, everyone should, in a peaceful and calm state of mind, chant the Aatma Gayatri mantra 27 times. Chanting this mantra together as a family or group is considered very auspicious, and it multiplies the benefits of the practice

As a next step fill water in the mud pot, and keep the pot in the clean white cloth. Facing the image of the sage Agathiyar, everyone should, in a peaceful and calm state of mind, chant the Aatma Gayatri mantra 27 times. Chanting this mantra together as a family or group is considered very auspicious, and it multiplies the benefits of the practice.

 You should drink the sanctified water in the mud pot after completing the mantra recitation. This daily practice is a significant part of the Aatma Gayatri Nombu, and it helps to maintain the sanctity and power of the ritual.



The completion of the Aatma Gayatri Nombu as part of the Thiruvannamalai Maha Guru Puja

On December 30, 2023, during the Sri Kaliki Avathara Agathiyar Maharishigal Maha Guru Pooja event held at the Arunachala Annamalai Singaravelu Wedding Hall in Thiruvannamalai, you should bring the Aatma Gayatri Nombu thread that you have been wearing until that day. Place this thread, which you have used to complete your vows, in the Yagna (ritual fire) as part of the ceremony. By doing so, you conclude your spiritual commitment and establish a connection with the divine presence of Sri Kaliki Avathara Agathiyar Maharishigal.

As a result, you may attain spiritual fulfillment and lead a life filled with love, happiness, peace, prosperity, and fulfillment.

The term "Suniya Aatral" represents the highest form of spiritual purity achieved through deep inner cleansing. This level of purity is attainable even by coming into contact with the sacred fire for a minute during a Yagna (ritual fire ceremony). When sanctified by Agathiyar Maharishis, this Suniya Aatral helps to remove our karmic actions and leads us towards spiritual elevation.

If we are narrow-minded and use this energy for selfish purposes, it will get dissolved from us. On the other hand, we should try to connect the souls who around us with Agathiyar Maharishi.

You can also offer the copper Gayatri ring you wore on your hand at the ceremony. By using all Copper rings which is blessed by many souls and energized with the recited Mantras, Sri Kaliki Avadar Agathiyar Maharishigal Statue will be designed.

Call for Atma Gayatri Nonbu KIT:

9597265147, 9840968377, 9611566088, 9789032199

Priority will be given to those who call first.